Hasbro has dropped its lawsuit against the company that created the now-famous Scrabulous Facebook application after reaching an agreement.

RJ Softwares, a Calcutta-based company run by brothers Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Agarwall, was facing a court case for emulating the board game with their popular Facebook apps.

Hasbro said that enough changes have been made to the RJ Software's Wordscraper and Lexulous games, launched after Scrabulous was removed from Facebook, that meant they no longer infringed on Scrabble's intellectual property rights.

Hasbro said in a statement that the agreement "provides people in the US and Canada with a choice of different games and also avoids potentially lengthy and costly litigation".

It's not clear if Mattel's lawsuit - as the rights holder for Scrabble outside the US and Canada - has also been agreed.