Hasbro has teamed up with Sega Toys to introduce the A.M.P. Automated Music Personality, a mobile robotic music companion that promises to revolutionise how and where you listen to music.

A "dynamic companion", the claim is that the A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will blast your music through his stereo sound system - with attitude.

Simply plug in any MP3 player and let A.M.P. Automated Music Personality show off some of his best dance moves.

Standing 29-inches tall with a black and yellow modern livery and chrome detailing, the A.M.P. has five different modes Dance, Track, Drive, Park and Follow, over 62 sound effects, numerous "electrifying" dance moves and 49 expressive LED light animations.

Remote control operated, just plug in any MP3 player into A.M.P. Automated Music Personality and secure your MP3 player in the case located securely on his back.

The stereo sound comes through a 5-inch mid-range speaker and two high output tweeters while the media bot's Dynamic Balancing Technology enables him to dance and roll balanced on two wheels.

The robot can also operate as a "virtual mixing deck" with his touch pads serving as a way to layer different sound effects and scratches over your tunes. Use the left touch pad to add music effects and the right touch pad to control the audio.

Battery-operated, A.M.P. Automated Music Personality comes with an AC power adapter, headphone adapter plug and a carrying case for your MP3 player. His power hungry controller require six D batteries and three AAA batteries for approximately ten hours of continuous entertainment.

A.M.P. Automated Music Personality will be available in the States this October for around $500.