Hasbro has announced that it is to launch a connected radio alarm clock and lamp.

Called the Room Tech Clock and Room Tech Lamp, the idea is that you set the alarm clock and it will turn on the lamp for you.

The Room Tech Clock wakes kids (or adults) up with a bang as it stamps on the bed-side table with its arms. Alternatively users will be able to be woken up by tunes from the radio or their MP3 player.

The clock then communicates with the lamp through a wireless link so when the alarm goes off, the lamp comes on and lights up the room.

The Room Tech Lamp is shaped like a Martian with a big dome head that lights up. His head is touch-sensitive and changes colour so kids can choose the perfect mood for their room.

Like the alarm clock it has a speaker so users can plug in their MP3 player and relax to their music.

Due out later in September, both units will cost £39.99.