Wow. Monopoly just got seriously pinked over at Toys R Us.

Exclusive to Toys R Us, this new edition offers fashion boutiques, shopping malls and hair salons as opposed to hotels and utility companies. (Girls! Don't worry your pretty heads with gas works or railways!)

Instead of green and red, the properties themselves are translucent pink and purple and the games counters have been switched to a flip flop, sandal, sunglasses, hairdryer and handbag.

The new style pink board matches the pink Title Deed cards and pastel coloured US dollars.

Players can go on Shopping Sprees, Pay your Mobile Phone Bill and receive Text Messages when they take their turn.

They can still Go to Jail (just like Paris!), land on Just Visiting and still collect $200 salary as they pass Go.

As well as containing pink dice, Boutique Edition comes in a pink keepsake box, covered in a pink fabric.

Encouraging dangerous gender stereotypes or giving little girls what they want? You decide.

Monopoly Boutique Edition from Hasbro is exclusive to Toys R Us for £24.99.