With the boast that this is the only toothbrush that puts tunes in your mouth, this range is not your average peg polishing offering.

The new Tooth Tunes brush from Hasbro is designed to entice oral-hygiene-shy kiddies to brush their ivories with some music playing bribery.

There's a whole variety of tunes available from tween artists you've probably never heard of to The Beach Boys, The Village People, the Rocky theme and sound clips from popular films.

Sound vibrations stream from the bristles through the user's teeth - so the brusher can actually hear the music inside their head.

If the little tykes want to increase the volume, they have to increase their brushing pressure.

So, as a reward for brushing well they can clearly hear the two minute sound clip. This time setting is also designed to make sure they brush for long enough.

Tooth Tunes - whodda thought it?