Hasbro's Playskool and Creative have teamed up to introduce a new MP3 player range for babies called "Made for Me".

The devices will be targeted at the parents of infants from birth to 3, which will hit store shelves in America in September.

Playskool wants Creative's tech-spertise to target tech-savvy new parents, while Creative gets exposure to a whole new demographic.

"The insight for the Playskool 'Made for Me' line is about delivering a unique system of toys and gear that resonate with new parents", said Nancy Kufferman, Playskool's senior brand manager.

"These parents are primarily Gen X and Y and technology is typically a big part of their world. They not only embrace new technology, but they seek out ways to maximize its potential into their everyday lives."

The coming soon MP3 player is one of three products the company will introduce as part of its "Made for Me" infant product line.

Apparently parents will be able to use the products to stimulate or soothe their infants by choosing to play classic lullabies that come with the digital music player, or customising it by loading their own choice of tunes.

The other products include an infant gym and a Day to Dream Soother, which uses lights and music to stimulate or soothe infants.