When we were young toys got as about as exciting as the Scuba version of Action Man complete with rubber suit that we've seen found has dissolved due to age.

Hasbro however has other ideas and to coincide with the launch of the new Ghost Rider movie in March, staring Nicholas Cage, have launched a series of 6-inch action figures from the film.

The flagship so to speak is Ghost Rider on his flaming chopper featuring electronic flickering flames and roaring engine sounds (pictured above).

Called "The Turbo Scream Flame Cycle", the bike with rider bursts into action with its fantastic spring-loaded launcher. Charge him up and pull the accelerator to send Ghost Rider flying onto a mission that will send the family pet in the other direction!

That should kill some time on a boring Friday afternoon, don't you think?

Prices start from £7.99 for the action figures to £19.99 for the bike pictured above.