Stepping straight out of some sci-fi movie, Hasbro has released its latest FurReal pet into the wild at the London Toy Fair.

Called Macaw, the Parrot which talks, dances and reacts to commands is the follow on from last year's lifelike pony Butterscotch and other previous hits including the Furby and a talking monkey.

The new Macaw Parrot will sit on your arm so you too can be a Pirate of the high seas rather than the illegal downloading type.


Like a real parrot it can repeat words, be taught to speak and respond to touch, make realistic sounds and even dance.

The parrots most notable new feature over previous animatronic pets from the FurReal range is its ability to learn through voice recognition and respond to pre-programmed commands such as "Hello" and "Are you hungry?" with its own phrases.

Hasbro have also included a dance mode where Macaw moves his head, flaps his wings and makes cooing sounds when he is touched on the back of the head.

The bird clings to a perch, although a spokeswomen for Hasbro told us that it was able to cling to a small childs arm.

Available in Autumn, complete with cracker to shove in its face, the bird will cost £69.99 and is suitable for children ages four and up.

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