First there was there was Darth Tater, then came the equally inspired Storm Tater, but now toy makers Hasbro are about to unleash a new Star Wars inspired Mr Potato Head.

R2Dtater is a pint-pot sized version of Mr Potato Head complete with robotic legs, helmet, R2D2 costume and of course the friendly put together face and smile.

The character even comes with its own mini version of the holographic image of princess Lea - also a mock up of Mrs Potato Head, which fits neatly inside when not in use.

The cute version of the robot from the Star Wars films will cost £9.99, and should be heading into the shops later this year.

We will keep you posted.

What Mr Potato Head would you like to see next? We personally want to see Chip-Bacca complete with fur and that wookie call. Email us to let us know -


- Jabba the Spud
- Luke Sky 'Walkers'
- Captain Wedge Antilles

Other films to develop:

- Full Metal Jacket
- Apackochips Now