(Pocket-lint) - Although it's 2016, Furby is still a thing.

Hasbro's weird, nostalgic fur beast has been resurrected with some new tricks. It's now a connected toy, for instance. And it's eyes are full-colour LCD screens. You'll also notice a glowing antenna on its head that turns blue whenever it gets an update. The antenna will change other colours, too, in order to match whatever type of emotion Furby is experiencing. Furby's also got the usual motion sensors, motors, mic, and speaker.

It's actually called Furby Connect now, and it comes with Bluetooth support so it can pair to iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire devices via the Furby Connect app. Furby uses Bluetooth to get updates as well. When it's not being all technical, Furby will react to sound and touch with over 1,000 phrases or animations through its eyes. It can track the date and time, ask for food and sleep, and work with integrated apps, such as Kidz Bop.


In fact, because of that Kidz Bop integration, Furby might randomly get a song - with lyrics to boot - stuck in its head. It could potentially also fetch sports scores or news that's pushed to it from approved apps. But make no mistake: this new Furby isn't a cuddly Amazon Echo. There's no location awareness, true always-on functionality, nor anything that could result in privacy issues.

This is a kid's toy, after all.

The Furby of the internet-of-things age can still download info, however, allowing it to work away from an app for up to a week. It can also talk to another Furby Connect to do stuff like in-sync dancing. If any of that interests you, you can grab this intelligent, Gremlin-like reboot for $99.99.


Oh, and there's an included sleep mask you can pop over Furby's eyes to turn it off, whereas older models needed a battery removal to totally shut down and be quiet. (Parents across the world are now thanking you, Hasbro.)

Writing by Elyse Betters.