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(Pocket-lint) - Hasbro has remade Simon Says for a new generation bringing with it a series of new challenges to master.

Now instead of a pocketable game that featured four lights, you have to, as the name suggests, swipe as well as tap your way through remembering a series of coloured sequences as the game gets harder and faster.

Held in one hand and controlled with your other, there are now four games to play. There is a two player game for parties, a level game with 16 levels to complete, the classic game you probably remember, and an extreme game whereby you have to tap, swipe and do swiping u-turns to stay in "play".

While the device features four colours you also have to remember two locations per colour, and it gets even harder when the swiping elements are introduced.

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The experience is as fun as it is frustrating and those that like and enjoy Hasbro's Bop It game will be right at home.

Rather than just cash in on the original, the new Simon Swipe does update the game play making it more interactive, and the different game modes means you've got something to play rather than just the original "see how long you can remember the sequence" option.

Playing it is easy, and once you read the instructions of how to select which game and what is happening when the lights start flashing at you, you'll be off and enjoying it all. Yes, the fun can tire quiet quickly, just as it did with the original, but the idea is sound and it can easily become addictive.

At £20 this is going to make excellent birthday and Christmas present fodder.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 31 July 2014.