Hasbro has embraced 3D printing. It announced 3D printing marketplace Shapeways is now selling fan art inspired by Hasbro brands like My Little Pony.

In an interview with The New York Times, John Frascott, chief marketing officer at Hasbro, revealed that Hasbro had been investigating 3D printing for a while and discovered it's a lot like a mass costomisation process. While in the past it was not practical for any company to mass produce a single creation of artwork, advancements in 3D printing have changed all that.

In fact, Hasbro has started green-lighting the work of five artists through Shapeways. These artists are also huge Hasbro fans. Their printed and colourful designs have been Hasbro-approved and printed by Shapeways with a sandstone-like texture. Although Hasbro is sort of supervising the whole thing, it appears each artist has complete freedom to design 3D-printed fan art. They can even set their own prices on the figurines.

Shapeways, which allows any user to design and upload 3D printable files, prints a variety of objects for users. Hasbro's Super Fan Art project through Shapeways currently offers a $99 purple dragon named Spike, a $65 vivid pony with wings called Rainbow Dragon, and many others.

hasbro okays artists to design and sell 3d printed toy art for fans on shapeways image 3

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The various Habsro figurines have just become available for purchase on Shapeways' website. Hasbro said it plans to eventually expand its Shapeways partnership to include more of everything (such as artists, brands, and other 3D-printed materials), likely because Shapeways is capabale of printing everything from jewelry to kitchenware.

That means you might soon be able to design and sell your 3D-printed Hasbro fan art.

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