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(Pocket-lint) - Hasbro has expanded its Furby Boom range with a new line of critters, or Furblings, that acts as physical friend if you already own a Furby Boom and we've had one in the office. 

The adorable and cute little fur balls are supposedly the offspring of your regularly Furby Boom, which came out last Christmas (2013).

The Furblings originally featured in the Android and iOS app and acted as a reward for when you did well. Now Hasbro has decided to turn the virtual experience into a physical one with a new toy to own and play with.

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The Furblings cost £14.99 ($19.99 in the US) and come in a variety of colours and patterns allowing you to mix and match with the bigger Furby, and although it helps if you already own a Furby, it's not a necessity.

If you do already own a Furby Boom putting the two together will mean they talk to each other coming up with mindless banter that your kids will love, but will no doubt drive you made. Yep, the Furby Boom will respond to and sing with Furblings when it detects it nearby.

If you don't fancy buying the bigger Furby Boom and this is just an attempt to fend off a whinging kid, the good news is, is that don't have a Boom to give the critter some life, you can simply pat its head to hear a selection of sounds and phrases.

It's not nearly half as intelligent as the bigger Dad or Mum (depending on how you see it) but it is only a quarter of the price.

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Like the bigger version you can also unlock content - such as a matching Furbling egg - within the free Furby Boom app.

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If you are enjoying your Furby Boom and looking for a little extra fun then this certainly adds in and the Pocket-lint test subjects (a 2, 6, and 8 year old) loved the parental element adding the new toy added. It was if Furby suddenly had a family to talk to and protect rather than something that was there to merely be dragged around by its ear.

Basic and simple, this isn't going to change your world, but then nothing "cute" ever does. It will make you smile however. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 April 2014.