Hasbro has expanded its Furby Boom app and toy line today by introducing a physical collection of miniature creatures called Furby Furblings.

A Furbling is simply a pint-sized Furby Boom - which is successor to the popular Furby 2012 but with different colours, personalities, and features - featured within Hasbro's Furby Boom app for iOS and Android. The app allows you to hatch, name, care for, and play with Furby Furblings and Furby Booms.

"This spring, Furby welcomes the Furby Furblings creatures into the fold, miniature friends for Furby Boom that unlock further digital adventures. As seen hatching digitally in the Furby Boom app, Furblings are now breaking out their fun and entertainment into real-life physical play," explained Hasbro in its release.

The Furby Boom will respond to and sing with Furblings. You can join in the fun, too: just pat your Furbling's head to hear sounds and phrases, or you can unlock content - such as a matching Furbling egg - within the free Furby Boom app.

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As for where you can buy Furblings, Hasbro said they will land in retailers like Argos, John Lewis, Smyths, Tesco, Toys R Us, Sainsbury, and Asda. You'll be able to grab six pattern combinations like dots, stripes, zigzag, etc. Six additional patterns are expected to release late this year.

Hasbro's new Furby Furblings are suitable for children six years old and up. They will be available in spring 2014 for £14.99 each. Batteries are included.

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