Hasbro has launched a collection of Telepod toys and playsets that will be compatible with the upcoming Rovio karting game, Angry Birds Go!

As with the toys released to coincide with Angry Birds Star Wars II, each new Telepod will interact with the game to add that character to the list of those playable. Players can "teleport" the physical toy into the game on a smartphone or tablet.

The game itself is coming out on 11 December for multiple devices and will be a free download, but you can play with the toys now as there are ways to race them even without the game.

There are single and multipacks of the characters available, priced from £5.99 to £19.99, and there are two bundles available. The Dual Launcher set includes one exclusive kart and a slingshot launcher to fire it across a room. That costs £14.99.

The biggest set is the Pig Rock Raceway, which features two strips of track, a launcher and two karts so you can race them. It costs £29.99 and is recommended for ages five and over. We'll be fine in the Pocket-lint office we reckon, although we might have to check on mental ages perhaps.