There’s nothing like a great white shark munching its way toward you to speed up your game play, and that’s the hope of Hasbro with a new board game called Shark Attack.

So what do you have to do? Well roll some dice and then get a move on moving your piece around the board before the inevitable happens and the motorized shark, working like a record player, gobbles your piece like Jaws.

“Players scramble with excitement as they roll the dice looking for their colours and move their fish,” Hasbro tells us. “The motorized shark chomps and chases the fish around the game board while each player tries to out-swim the shark AND their friends to be the last surviving fish to win.”

A quick play by Pocket-lint and the Hasbro PR team at this year’s Toy Fair proves that you are likely to act like a runner running from one of those sweeper buses on the London Marathon, as you slowly find yourself descending into a gibbering panic as that shark just keeps on coming at speed, and we don't say that lightly.

Is there any other point to the game? Of course not, you just got to keep moving. 

Get ready to be eaten later this year when Shark Attack hits the shops.