Game of Life, the classic board game you no doubt played as a child, is to get a make over for 2011 Hasbro has confirmed to Pocket-lint.

The new version of the board game will now be called Game of Life: Adventures Edition and focus on multiple career paths based on islands that you can travel between.

Understandably a car isn’t going to cut it and so the pegs (the little people you collect in the game) will now be jumping into an aeroplane instead.

game of life revamped for new adventure image 6

But a board game as just a board game doesn’t really cut it in the wonderful world of technology that we live in, so this game offers something different.

Rather than turn to the technology of silicon chips, The Game of Life board game turns to the technology of moving paper, and so with a press of the main dial in the centre of the board users will be able to completely change certain sections of the game to baffle and challenge other players.

According to Hasbro the “rotating game board can change the game with a simple twist of the spinner so just as life changes so does the board!”

The game will be available in time for Christmas.