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(Pocket-lint) - The classic game of “Simon”, where you have to remember a series of colours in sequence, is making a comeback thanks to a new twist on the game by Hasbro, and Pocket-lint was at the Toy Fair in London to have a quick go.

Based on the same technology found in Hasbro’s Boggle Flash, launched at the Toy Fair in 2010, the new game will feature four blocks that light up red, blue, yellow and green - each is about the size of a ring box.

There are four games to master in total and these are a variation on a theme, with traditional Simon Says leading the pack. In this case it means remembering the coloured sequence, with the game telling you at the end how well you’ve done.

Pocket-lintsimon flash hands on image 5

But rather than just the one game, Hasbro is using the fact that the blocks are separate to allow other games to be played too.

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One of the favourites from our play was a variation of the board game Mastermind, where you have to get the colours in the right order (remember the long board with all those pegs) with the lights going out when you get it right.

How does that work? Magic clearly. But in reality it’s the blocks talking to each other and reacting accordingly. It’s incredibly simple, but you just know on that plane or train it’s going to work a treat with the family.

With bright colours and four games to master there is plenty to keep you entertained when the new game comes out later in the year, Pocket-lint for one is looking forward to getting a longer play.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.