Toy making giant Hasbro is all set to unveil a budget accessory that will enable iPhone and iPod touch users to jump aboard the 3D revolution.

Called the Hasbro My3D, it's a binocular-shaped device with a slot for your iDevice. Peering through the goggles gives a 3D-like effect, and there are going to be dedicated apps in the App Store (some free) developed for the My3D - and not just games but entertainment and travel based apps too.

There are already partnerships with the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, and apps will be developed that create virtual travel experiences for attractions such as the LA Wax Museum and the Santa Monica Pier.

Hasbro has apparently been "guided" by Apple during the development process, so it should be a device that does your iOS baby justice, and Hasbro has also teamed up with Dreamworks Animation, Discovery, Sony and Imax to get 3D content and trailers made for the accessory.

The main criticism will obviously be that it will make your iPhone or iPod into a bit of a bulky device, and with autostereoscopic 3D devices, such as the Nintendo 3DS and the Sharp 3D phone, already landing it's already behind the times.

But, for around $30, it's a cheap way to get 3D content on your Apple device, and let's face it, the only way. Until Jobs announces the 3D iPhone 5 next year that is.

The Hasbro My3D is due out in the spring of 2011.