Hasbro has announced the launch of a range of Iron Man 2 toys in time for the latest movie staring super hero Tony Stark.

The new Iron Man Helmet includes mission directives from Jarvis and a “slow release” visor that slides into place.

Those looking to complete the look can opt for the Iron Man 2 3-in-1 repulsor, which is outfitted with projectiles, lights and sounds to replicate the Super Hero’s battles.

If that doesn't make you think you ARE Iron Man then you'll even be able to get an Iron Man Arc Chest Light to bolt on to your torso.

Sadly it looks like Hasbro are only making these in kid sizes.

However, not to upset those of us that are larger than a 10-year-old, Hasbro is releasing two 4-inch action figures to play with at your desk, we mean school.

The helmet, which let's face it, is the one that you want, will set you back £34.95 when it becomes available in the next couple of months. The glove will cost £14.99 and the arc light a rather cheap £6.99.