Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the Toy Story toys are to make a comeback later in the year in an attempt to once again be the must have toy this Christmas.

The new models, which will be directly modelled on the toys in the films will be a part of "Andy's Toy Collection" and promise to be exact replicas in every detail rather than just "a reference" to the characters in the Toy Story movies.

"If there isn't a screw in his leg in the movie there isn't one on the toy", a spokesman for Vivid who are making the toys told Pocket-lint. "In the first toy the wings just popped out, now they pop out in a more true to life curving motion".

Why the move to release the toys yet again? Well in the wonders of toy marketing, the move it just so happens, coincides with the launch of Toy Story 3D later in the year ahead of Toy Story 2 and 3 in 2010.

Announced earlier in the month, Walt Disney is promising film-goers an exciting 3D experience:

"We think they're going to love seeing all the wonderful Toy Story cast of characters in an eye popping and dazzling way", the chairman of the company commented in a statement.

Unfortunately due to licensing issues Pocket-lint was unable to take photographs of the new toys. The image used above is from the first iteration of the toys released in 1995.