Disney has announced its first-ever robotic products with the launch of a range of toys tying in with the Disney/Pixar animated film "WALL-E" to hit the shelves in early July, to tie in with the film's UK theatrical release.

Parents should prepare themselves for some serious pestering as it seems the company has left no stone unturned in its merchandise march on the UK.

The U-Command WALL-E is a remote control robot that can be programmed with thousands of different movement combinations and will cost £39.99.

With the ability to perform 360 degree turns, move in every direction and do a figure of eight, the poseable figure also features light-up eyes, real moving treads and speech functionality.

For £20, the iDance WALL-E dances in a "funky, bio-robotic style" to any music source. Complete with an audio in-jack working with any iPod or MP3 player to play tunes through his chest speaker, he also features light-up eyes and sound activation functionality.

The Interactive WALL-E and Interactive EVE robots feature voice and light-up functionality, with motorised head and arm movements. Both are fully poseable and can interact with each other and will go on sale for £29.99.

The BnL Truck Electronic Playset recreates WALL-E's home from the movie, and includes press-button features that activate a selection of character voices and phrases.

Four younger kids, the Magnetic Construct-a-Bots give wannabe robot-makers the chance to create their very own WALL-E and EVE. With a central body section housing a magnet, separate body parts can be added to create the two central characters from the film.

In addition, there's a plethora of themed stuff to tempt kids to spend their pocket money, including interactive and activity books, a 2009 annual, bedroom sets, lunch bags, beauty products, tissues, flashlights, and a collection of apparel, accessories, bags and footwear.