Walt Disney has unveiled a new site for preteens to create personal mini websites like MySpace with parental controls.

Disney XD is aimed at kids under 14 with parents getting control over internet activities that will see them interacting with each other across the globe. The entire site is built to protect children and save personal information from being exchanged.

The site hosts a chat feature that requires parent’s approval before kids can go beyond trading canned messages which has been designed to prevent users from revealing personal information, or from using profanity.

The service also allows users to gather games, videos and music files and put them on their own homepage. Cleverly the company are using kids as marketers to promote other Disney activities and products.

Unfortunately it sounds like Paul Yanover, executive vice president and managing director of Disney Online has got too excited: "I want tons of kids immersed in my brands and franchises. What better marketer do I have than a kid?".