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(Pocket-lint) - Star Wars: The Mandalorian is undoubtedly the star of Disney+, which is available in the US now and coming to other countries, including the UK, on 24 March.

Set five years after Return of the Jedi and 25 years prior to Force Awakens, it tells the story of Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter in the style of Boba Fett, and yes, it also features "Baby Yoda" (The Child) who you may have seen on social media. 

Excitingly, we got to see a new line of toys, figures and apparel prior to their debut at the New York Toy Fair and there are some real stand-out figures and Lego sets that we're sure young and old will enjoy.

Baby Yoda, do, do, do, do, de, do

As you'd expect there will be an army of The Child toys heading to stores in the coming months. Chief among those on display was The Child Animatronic figure from Hasbro.

The character was in demonstration mode at the event but evidently reacts to being picked up with motion, sound and expressions. It will cost £59.99 when available in the UK.

There was also a strong offering from Lego. A new set for the show featured the Mandalorian's Razor Crest ship, complete with mini-figures for each character - including, perhaps, the world's tiniest Baby Yoda figurine. There were also some cool-looking Lego BrickHeadz for a range of characters.

"Finding ways to engage and surprise audiences with this new Star Wars story has been a tremendous opportunity," said The Mandalorian creator, Jon Favreau.

"And holding back on [toy] development will give everyone the chance to discover the character affectionately known to fans as 'Baby Yoda' together.

"This is something special in the age of spoilers. I am so appreciative of the partnership with the teams at Lucasfilm and Disney who are translating these characters into products for fans to enjoy."

The Clone Wars... The Clone Wars

Along with the Mandalorian products, we saw a new range to support the final series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Also on Disney+, this series starts at the end of Episode II - Attack of the Clones and will wrap up when it arrives at the events of Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. 

Along with figurines and vehicle play, it was Hasbro's Mandalorian Darksaber that stood out. This was first seen in The Clone Wars and makes for a happy addition to any Star Wars Lightsaber battles for kids. 

"From breakout characters like The Child to the beloved Skywalker Saga and everything in between, Star Wars has the ability to connect with fans generation after generation," said Disney's president of consumer products, Ken Potrock.

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"It's an honour to be able to deliver products and experiences that allow our fans around the world to celebrate their favourite characters and stories 365 days a year."

The clamour and excitement at the event came as no surprise. That's what these things are all about.

It was certainly clear that The Mandalorian has already filled a special place in the Star Wars universe. And with it produced a surprise new star in the form of The Child.

Writing by Andy Robertson. Originally published on 20 February 2020.