Disney and Lucasfilm are taking selfies to a whole new level. Or should we say "a galaxy far, far away..."?

They've launched the official Star Wars app on Android (on Google Play now) and iOS (which should be available very soon), with the purpose of giving fans a place to go to when they want to read all the latest and breaking news on their favourite blockbuster franchise. You can sign up to receive notifications on announcements, view exclusive interviews and trailers, etc.

It even serves up history and trivia facts and cool features - like a selfie one that lets you take and share a selfie while dressed in various iconic costumes and settings. The app uses your front-facing camera to capture your face and superimpose it into cutouts of characters, such as Jedi and Princess Leia.

You can change the setting and pose with other characters too, including Yoda. The app also has a tonne of other nifty things worth exploring, such as a lightsaber training mode, a soundboard for sound effects, and a collection of animated GIFs.

You're even free to adjust the theme the app to Light Side, Dark Side, or Droid.