Disney has introduced several new toys this autumn that are exclusively available through its Disney Parks around the world, but none is quite so unique and, well, bizarre as the DisneyVision.

It comes in the shape of a retro television that is around 7-inches tall and 5-inches wide. With it you get six different rubber characters from several key Disney franchises, including Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Woody (from Toy Story) and Kermit the Frog.

Inside the set is a plastic mount that attaches to the characters individually and, once you turn on the DisneyVision, a strobing light gives the illusion that they are alive and dancing, based on minute movements from the motor inside. As your eyes see them with each flash, they look to be moving more energetically than you think. It is all quite odd.

Sadly, Disney currently has no plans to sell the DisneyVision outside of its theme parks, so you won't be able to get hold of one unless you happen to be visiting soon.

It's $29.99 and we find the whole thing both scary and alluring in equal measure. According to its hands-on video, it seems Con-news agrees.