Disney has officially announced the arrival of its Disney Comics App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into the App Store.

The apps will be a welcome addition for techy parents, whose kids just love getting their hands all over their mobile gadgets.

There are more than 50 comics up for grabs from within the app, including classic Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse as well as new Disney heroes from the Pixar movies such as Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.

Plus, there will be content from Disney films such as the new Tron movie and High School Musical.

“Comics are a tremendous part of our heritage and we see great potential and interest in bringing our extensive catalog of Disney Comics to mobile devices,” said Russell Hampton, president, Disney Publishing Worldwide.

“We create over 25,000 original comic pages each year and it’s critical that we deliver this content to our readers around the world. We have over 1 billion Disney comic readers today, and our Disney Comics App will further broaden that audience.”

The app itself is free, comics are available from 59p as in-app purchases. It's available now.