James Bond is the new smash hit at cinemas - and supposedly toy shops.

Toys R Us are reporting one of the biggest weeks of Bond related sales ever after the premiere of Casino Royale, the 21st Bond movie this week.

And the best seller of the lot is a remote control version of the latest Bond super car, the £160,000 Aston Martin DBS.

Kids desperate to replicate new amazing crash sequence have emptied stores around the country of the 1/16th scale, £19.99 Aston DBS.

Toy R Us are claiming sales of the car have TREBLED this week.

According to the toy shop, Bond-mad youngsters have also been snapping up 007 walkie-talkies, Bond base stations and car racing games.

Their sales have rocketed - up 200% - this week and sales are expected to leap again this weekend as thousands of people flock to see it.

A Toys R Us spokeswoman insisted Casino Royale toys sales are set to be the biggest of any Bond movie.

She said: "The reaction from kids has been incredible".

"There was all the fuss in the lead up to the movie hitting cinemas about whether Daniel Craig was a good Bond."

"If our sales are anything to go by, he's certainly captured the nation's imaginations and so has the movie.