Toy R Us has released their predicted list of best sellers for this Christmas, no doubt hoping to give a gentle reminder to those organised enough to even think about Christmas shopping now, to not forget to stop by.

Their hottest tips are for the Apple iPod touch and Transformers toys while characters toys from "In the Night Garden", a CBeebies show, are expected to be some of the most popular gifts for the under-5s.

High School Musical merchandise is also predicted to do well, while the Nintendo Wii is expected to be the most
sought after games console, followed by the PS3, then the
Xbox 360.

"Baby Annabel" is going to be the hottest doll although
Barbie and Bratz will still be popular. Flying toys are said to be about to cause some havoc in houses across the country while Squawkers McCaw, the Fur Real Parrot gets a hot tip too.

Doctor Who toys are tipped to be stay big this year, but it's the iPod touch that the retailer thinks will be the biggest seller and is expected to knock the nano from its top slot.