WowWee is hoping to entice 3-year-olds who already have access to a tablet into using an intelligent stand that promises to make learning fun.

Called BotSee, the new interactive buddy offers to teach shapes, colours and numbers through an iPad and Android app that taps into the device's camera.

Using a combination of paper learning blocks and those iOS and Android apps, BotSee "creates an engaging learning environment with fun and entertaining games and activities with or without a smart device", says the company that bought us Robosapien.

botsee wants to be your kid s ipad friend  image 4

Seen sceptically as a glorified tablet stand, the cute-looking accessory should help to encourage the mastering of tasks such as matching colours to colours in pictures (find me red to colour a strawberry, for example), or matching objects based on prompts on the screen.

The accessory is adjustable to fit any shaped tablet from the iPad down to the Nexus 7.

WowWee has yet to announce a price for BotSee, but told Pocket-lint that it would be available in August.