Specialist toy manufacturer In Icons has created a 12-inch Steve Jobs action figure that is so frighteningly realistic that, at a quick glance, you'd think its well-staged pictures are of the late former Apple CEO himself, not a doll.

The company is renowned for its hyper-real collectables, including one of Barack Obama, and has now started accepting pre-orders for its tribute to Jobs, with each coming in an Apple-themed box and priced at $99.99 (to ship from Feb 2012).

However, there are many who speculate that the figure will never actually see the light of day. In Icons' version is unauthorised and, as such, runs the risk of an injunction by Apple or Jobs' own family. Admittedly, the Obama figure went ahead without legal action either way, but something tells us that, with only 3 months having passed since Steve Jobs died, there may be more opposition to the use of his likeness in this case. Additionally, Apple managed to stamp on MIC Gadget when it tried to sell its Jobs action figures in 2010.

We reckon that there won't be any opposition from the fanboys, though. If it goes ahead, there'll be more than enough suitors. The fact that the In Icons website seems to be clogged up with visitors at present is some proof of this.

There has been so much traffic that the company has even issued the following: "Sorry! We will resume the pre-order soon..."

What do you think? Is this a fitting tribute to the man, or a shameless cash-in on his death? Let us know in the comments below...