(Pocket-lint) - Apple Mac owners can now fire missiles using their computers. No, really. Admittedly, they're small foam darts shot from a USB missile launcher towards unsuspecting co-workers and family members, but it's the first step to forming your own independent state around your workstation... Probably.

Dream Cheeky, the manufacturer that specialises in fun USB-connected gadgetry for the office, has finally released Mac OS X compatible software for its Storm O.I.C. and Thunder missile launchers. The mini weaponry has been available to Windows PC users for some time, but this is the first time that the company has had its products approved by Apple.

The devices will work on Mac OS 10.5 and above, but only in offline mode, so you'll need to be at your desk (or on a laptop) to fire a salvo. However, the new software does come with the same sound effects and up, down, left, right controls as its PC equivalent.

For those who already own Dream Cheeky Storm O.I.C. and Thunder missile launchers, the new Mac software can be downloaded from the company's website (www.dreamcheeky.com). Those that don't, the gizmos cost $49.99 (£30.71) and $39.99 (£24.57) respectively.

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They can also be shipped to the UK, for around $18 (£11.06). Extra foam darts are also available.

Writing by Rik Henderson.