Kids love watching videos.

And giving them a tablet to use, especially when traveling, can be a real lifesaver - unless, of course, there's no internet for them to connect to during the trip. Without internet, they can't download and watch movies. However, starting 9 November, they can, as long as they're using an Amazon Fire tablet. You see, kids will be able to download and watch Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited videos while offline.

Confused? Allow us to explain...

What is Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited?

Fire for Kids (FreeTime in the US) is a safe area on Amazon's Fire tablets - where you can control all the content, set time limits and daily goals, turn off the web browser, turn off the camera and gallery, and so on. Meanwhile, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a paid content subscription service on Fire tablets that's just for kids. It offers unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly movies and shows.

How to download and watch videos offline

Offline Mode

Amazon has updated its Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited service with a new feature called Offline Mode. This feature supports video downloads. Similar to how a book, app, or game can be downloaded to an Amazon Fire tablet, a video can be downloaded simply by long-pressing the video tile. When finished viewing, the downloaded video can be removed from Offline Mode with another long-press of the tile.

Amazon said Fire for Kids Unlimited will automatically start Offline Mode when a Fire tablet is disconnected from Wi-Fi or put into Airplane Mode. Once a Wi-Fi connection has been re-established, however, the full Kids Unlimited catalogue will return.

When will Offline Mode be available?

Offline Mode is coming to Fire tablets, including Fire Kids Edition tablets, through a free over-the-air update that's rolling out this week.