As parents, you may not always be aware of what digital content your kids are consuming. There are ways of making sure the content they do have access to is age appropriate and safe, but unless you take a proactive approach and actually look at what they're viewing, you'll never know.

Amazon has come up with a way to bridge that gap, with a feature called Discussion Cards. It's a new feature that integrates with the company's Fire for Kids content, including books, videos, educational apps and games. Discussion Cards can be found in the new Parent Dashboard area, and are designed to encourage you to talk to your kids about the content they're accessing.

The Discussions Cards are written by Amazon's own Content Editors, and include open-ended questions such as, "why do you think it is so difficult for Joe to make friends?", which refers to "Billionaire Boy". The Cards also suggest activities for family to get involved with, such as "come up with some fun ideas for inventions, just like Mr Spud's toilet tissue in the book".

Kurt Beidler, Director of Kids and Family at Amazon said: "As kids learn and play more independently with their tablets, we want to provide parents with more ways to join that digital discovery".

"Discussion Cards equip parents with information about an Amazon Fire for Kids book, video, educational app, or game their child is enjoying, and provide questions that parents can ask kids to spark conversations".

The new Parent Dashboard area provides a complete overview of what content your child is viewing on a daily basis. It can show you how many minutes your child spends on each activity and how it changes over time, if at all, to help you better determine how long they're allowed to spend on it and what educational goals to set.

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