(Pocket-lint) - Lego has announced another collaboration with Adidas, enabling you to customise a pair of Ultraboost shoes - they come with a selection of plates so you can customise the three Adidas stripes as you wish. And there's nothing stopping you adding more bricks, of course. 

The Ultraboost DNA x Lego Plates Shoes follow on from a bunch of shoes for kids (one of which we wish they made for adults) and the Lego x Adidas XZ 8000 shoes

As with those latter shoes, expect the $200/£140 Ultraboosts to sell out in seconds and as usual we reckon they'll probably end up in the hands of scalpers rather than real fans. The lack of desire of brands to do something to ensure this doesn't happen is becoming somewhat frustrating for many.

But by releasing expensive limited-edition Lego shoes for adults instead of a more general release, Adidas is showing it knows there is demand so can charge a higher price. 

There's also a few other details as well as the customisable stripes - the tongue has a Lego logo while the show is partly covered with Lego brick-style details. The inside of the shoe is bright yellow. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.