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(Pocket-lint) - As the gaming world prepare for the new Call Of Duty Ghosts, Mega Bloks has released a collection of Call of Duty construction sets for you to build so you can carry on playing when you're not in front of your console.

The new sets, based on the franchise, are available exclusively from Argos and will feature buildable vehicles, themed locations and collectable micro action figures.

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Mega Bloks sent us the Light Armor Firebase to build. It consists of 514 pieces that when put together create a Humvee, a sandbag base and cargo crate filled with ammo, binoculars, weapons and spades for digging the three accompanying soldiers out of trouble.

The sets take a very adult theme and the micro figures are extremely detailed, coming with life-like miniature weapons, webbing, and even their sunglasses (not removable).

Slightly bigger than your standard Lego Minifig, the micro action figures have a wider range of articulation too, including a joint design that allows you to create more poses.

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The Mega Bloks pieces are interchangeable with Lego however so if you've got Lego you can expand on the set further if you wish, although good luck finding coloured blocks that will fit in; it is all mottled sand colours, greys, blacks, and dirt-tainted pieces here.

The Light Armor Firebase (£39.99) took us around two hours to build, but it's worth pointing out that the instructions aren't as clear as with Lego, nor are the bags numbered - something that construction regulars will know certainly slows you down as you look for the right piece in the pile.

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The Light Armor Firebase isn't the only set available either. Also featured in our pictures is the Seal Team - which consists of a five-man team that you have to assemble. Assembly is fiddly.

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Other sets include a Dome Battleground and a Heavy Armor Outpost that includes a tank and for those looking to just get started there are also smaller sets with just a couple of guys, which start at £9.99.

If you are a Call of Duty fan you'll enjoy these sets, but they aren't for those looking for something cute. This is as real as you can get from small plastic blocks. Happy fighting. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 4 November 2013.