Chumby has been launched in the UK. The internet-connected device, popular in the States, is now available to be shipped to England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

For those that don't know, chumby is a sort of hackable, Wi-Fi-enabled, widget-happy, media-playing squishy gadget with a touchscreen.

Not quite crystal on that? Well, chumby connects to the internet and is personalisable with over 1200 widgets available offering news, sports, weather, podcasts, internet radio as well as the option to share photos and other content.

As well as widgets from companies, chumby offers hundreds of user-generated widgets. There's games, videos, and chumby can be used to keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter too.

With a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, USB ports and embedded squeeze and motion sensors, chumby can be used as an alarm clock with various "faces" available.

Chumby measures about 13cm wide, 10cm tall, and 8cm deep and comes with a soft leather casing in a variety of colours including black, latte, pearl, cardinal, and amethyst.

Chumby can be purchased now online at for $199.95 - about £137.