Firebox is currently offering the Korg "Kaossilator", a compact, battery-operated, multi-instrumental portable synth.

As Axel F-lovers will no doubt already know, the handheld device lets users create music by tapping or sliding a finger across its touch pad.

Said to be easy to use, Firebox says even if you've never touched an instrument you'll soon be recording, looping and stacking with ease.

The Kaossilator offers 100 synth or percussive sounds with the option to manipulate various drum sounds, play in any one of 31 scales in any key, and utilise 50 types of gate arpeggiation to perform complex rhythmic patterns.

Your friends and family will no doubt be happy to note there is a headphone socket and - should you make the big time - there's also RCA outputs.

The retro wonder is on sale now for £149.95.