Rubik's Cube has announced it has gone "touch" with the introduction of the Rubik's TouchCube, the first completely electronic solvable Cube.

The TouchCube features the same game play of the original Cube that has sold nearly 350 million pieces, but uses "the very latest" in touch and motion technologies.

"We've been working on Rubik's TouchCube for the last three years - with engineering teams on two different continents - and are really excited to share it with the world", says Eric Levin, president, Techno Source.

"Rubik's TouchCube is the 'dream cube' for anyone who's into high-tech gadgets - it combines today’s most current technologies with the iconic Rubik's Cube".

The TouchCube features touch sensor technology on all six sides, a motion-detecting accelerometer, and coloured lights in every square.

The next-gen model also features internal memory that allows players to save their current puzzle so they can resume play anytime.

Complete with sound effects and a kind of light show for when its charging in its dock, the TouchCube will launch in autumn 2009 for under $149.99.