The first movie was an 18, but that doesn't seem to be stopping the toy company famous for the Peppa Pig range of toys bringing out a range of Terminator themed toys later in the year.

The move, by toy maker Character, has been planned to capitalise on the latest movie in the series - Terminator Salvation.

Aside from the typical action figures from the movie - think Star Wars meets Aliens - the toy that got our attention the most was a Terminator voice-changing mask.

Slip the grey plastic Terminator helmet over your little one's face and they'll get the famous red LED eyes staring out at you while a button on the side adds a metal, machine like sound to their voice.

Hilariously funny and completely frightening at the same time (damn we must be getting old) it will be in the shops in May, just in time for the supposedly 12 rated film to no doubt smash box office records.

Unfortunately Pocket-lint wasn't able to take photos of the new toys previewed at the London Toy Fair because of licensing rights, so here's a photoshopped image of what you can expect. Scary.