You're a kid playing army and you are planning a night mission - what's a boy to do in order to stop yourself stacking into everything in your path? Don a pair of night vision goggles of course.

The toy company, Character, is to launch a line of toys for boys and girls who want to play army later in the year with an official range of HM Armed Forces approved toys. The Night Vision Goggles are the coolest high tech kit in the range.

According to its makers you'll get a "Real Infrared image intensifier, two viewing modes, two colour modes, a fully adjustable strap and counterbalanced battery pack", to give you that "Special Ops" feel.

Available later in the year for boys and girls aged 8 plus (read 26) there is no word on pricing as yet, although we can see they are bound to come in handy for a bit of bird watching.