A new robotics company, Bossa Nova robots, is hoping to steal Wow Wee's thunder this Christmas with the launch of what it is claiming is the fastest bi-ped robot around.

The new bright yellow Gorilla, called Prime-8 (see what they've done there) will come with two massive circular arms to help him move around and, as we saw at a demo at this year's Toy Fair in London, a temper.

Powered by a remote control as well as the odd button on his body, the robot will be able to run fast, play a series of interactive games like pretending to be a bowling ball and act guard to your bedroom thanks to a built in motion sensor.

"It can run as fast as a small child," the inventor of Prime-8 told Pocket-lint. "That makes it ideal for getting kids to exercise as they can race against it in the park".

Costing around £90 when its hit the toy shops in time for Christmas, it might not be as clever as RoboSapien, but it plans to out run him all the same.