RM, in partnership with DACTA, has launched its first robot designed specifically for the educational market.

The robot, called ED-E, is manufactured by MechRC and will be used to teach children the principles behind a variety of subjects including physics and computer programming.

The robot contains 17 servo motors that allow it to perform jumps, dance routines, headspins and backflips. The robot is also transparent, which allows the students to view the servo motors working.

The programming of the robot is done via a computer that uses a simple drag and drop interface, allowing the operator to place the desired position into a "movie frame" style box.

After multiple entries the user will be left with a "movie strip" of different movements that can then be previewed on the screen and uploaded to the handset, allowing ED-E to act out the motion file.

Apparently the robot is being marketed at the 14 plus age range but is cited as being accessible to children as young as seven.

Zenos Christo, commercial director at DACTA, said: "The launch of ED-E is a mile-stone in the development of robotics in education. Up until now, robotics and control technology has traditionally been taught with wheeled or static devices. ED-E will offer a unique way in which pupils can learn some of the theories behind human movement, physics, programming and engineering".