WowWee has revealed its new products for 2009 that it will show off at this year's CES show and there's plenty there for robo-fans.

The Spyball spy-cam is a remote controlled, Wi-Fi enabled, transforming robotic ball that can capture video and still images and is equipped with wheels capable of 360-degree turns.

WowWee's Robotics line gets two new additions - the Joebot and Roborover robots.

The Joebot robot is described as a walking, talking interactive buddy with a sense of humour and rhythm.

With voice command control, Joebot will respond to key phrases via sound sensors and can also be controlled by his hands or by the Robosapien's remote controller.

With various modes, including Wandering, Patrol and Battle, the Joebot can avoid obstacles as well as beatbox and dance.

Wowwee says the Roborover robot is a talking, tread-based, roving explorer operated via remote-control and features posable arms, head and waist.

The WowWee Alive line also gets some new additions in the form of a seal pup, husky puppy, koala joey, and leopard cub.

As with the rest of the cutesy range each features animated facial and vocal expressions triggered by users' touch and comes with adoption papers and a family portrait.

There's also the WowWee Alive Sleeping Cuties that offer lifelike fur, a posable head, and their very own blankets. The Sleeping Cuties pets make "gentle slumbering sounds", and curl up into a sleeping position when petted.

New for the company's flying range is the FlyTech Lightstar with a propulsion-based design and built-in LED lights.

WowWee says the FlyTech Lightstar flyer creates "mesmerising" light patterns in the air, and is "crash resistant".

There's also the WowWee FlyTech Hoverpod racer that can jet across most smooth surfaces and be controlled to manoeuvre around obstacles.

Pocket-lint will aim to bring you more from the CES show floor.