Said to "elevate plush toys to completely new levels of realism", hype aside, Elmo Live is likely to be one of the must-haves this Christmas.

"As if the world's favourite goggle-eyed Sesame Street character has come to life", state of the art technology brings the furry fella to live like never before.

Elmo Live can sing, dance, tell jokes and stories, play games and move about. He even crosses his legs as he natters away, and yells "jazz hands!" after signing.

As well as responding to voice, Elmo reacts to a tickle or squeeze of his foot, tummy, back or nose. He'll even ask for hugs, blow you kisses, sneeze when you tweak his nose and tell you he loves you.

Elmo Live is £59.95 (what price knowing that's safe under the tree well in time for Crimble?) available now from Firebox.