If you're fed up of the idea of a ride on horse for your little one, you need Kota, a life size baby triceratops dinosaur instead.

Measuring 40-inches in length this baby dino, that looks like a massive Pleo (yes we know Pleo is a camasaurus), is designed to be ridden by your under 10-year-old.

Reacting to touch and sound the head moves giving the creature a personality while the body really only acts as a seat (although you can bob up and down).

Coming with a built-in speaker you can play adventure-themed songs or jungle sounds to get you into that Jurassic Park experience and Kota comes with leafy greens to munch. He will even give out a little roar when spoken to.

This piece of dino magic comes at a price though, £300, when it goes on sale on Firebox.com later in the year.