We first previewed it over a year ago, but Meccano's first ever self build multi-media robot is finally on the way to the UK.

The Spykee is going to be on shelves mid-September with a price tag of £199.99.

Spykee can move, see and listen, take pictures and create videos, act as an MP3 player or a telephone enabling free calls via the Internet.

The robot comes packaged with more than 210 parts allowing you to create three robots styles.

And, if you're up for a little bit of subtefuge, Spykee can be controlled from anywhere in the world ­ either via Wi-Fi or the Internet.

Spykee can sound an alarm or send an image via email to the user's computer when it detects any movement.

The robot is also self-charging returning to its base when its batteries are running low.

And you thought Wall-E was cool.