As petrol prices keep rising, one company thinks it has the solution: water. The trouble is, it's just for kids.

The H2go is a radio controlled toy car powered by Fuel Cell technology.

Using the same technology as the H-Racer released last year, but taking it a step further, the car that runs on water comes with a solar panel charging pack and promises to keep going as long as you want to play with it.

The technology, which is a scaled down version of what is actually possible with real cars, comes with a power station, which you fill with water. Using either the solar panel or a mains adapter to power the "power station" you can then make hydrogen to charge your car.

An included remote control allows you to control movement and you'll get around 6 minutes juice from one 3-minute charge and there is a turbo button to give you more oomph to overtake. While you are racing the "power station" works to produce more hydrogen, and transferring it to the car is as simple as plugging it in to the "power station" and away you go.

The futuristic car has been designed by Professor Luigi Colani who has worked with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

The kit will come in two variations with or without the solar panel offering and the all-inclusive kit will cost around £100 when it hits the shops soon. A version without the solar panel will cost £79.99 and you will be able to buy the solar panel on its own for £19.99.