Could the friendly barman at your local pub soon be out of a job?

Well if the landlord has an extra £100,000 burning a hole in his pocket, he could buy himself a robotic barman.

Mr Asahi is not only faster at getting you your fav tipple but will never disappear off for a cheeky cigarette, loo break or ever pull a sickie.

The Japanese robot started an international tour at London's Selfridges where he brought the food hall to a standstill, serving up shots of ice-cold Asahi beer.

In fact - Mr Asahi can serve pints in less than 2 minutes, knocking off 13 minutes from the average 15 minute wait.

The quarter of a ton life-size robot took eight engineers 200 man-hours to assemble, and his movements are made possible by animatronics, which use compressed air, which is then controlled and regulated through various valves and electrical switching mechanisms via a computer.

Sky News adds that he even has facial features in LED lights which move from green to red as he strains to removes bottle tops.