Guaranteed to get you nowhere fast, IWOOT says their new "Sat Nag" is a joke that just keeps on giving.

Press the button on the front and a very well-recorded, patronising woman's voice will come out with one of a host of "hysterical" satnav-style commands.

Phrases include: "I know you're a man, but it's been 35 minutes now, so can you please admit you're lost and ask someone the way" and "In 100 metres turn left. No right, err, no left. Sorry, I never can tell my left from my right."

There's also the classic: "In 50 metres I'm going to put on my most annoying voice and say 'Is your short cut really faster when we get stuck in traffic like this, well, is it darling?'"

With a holographic screen, highlighting roads such as Whiny Lane, Backseat Drive and Earache Avenue, this will help to reinforce every negative stereotype there is about male drivers and nagging wives.

Available now, it's a rib-tickling £7.99.